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Lake Profile

Bosumtwi (Bosomtwe)

General Information

Description Lake Bosumtwi is the only natural lake in all of Ghana and was created by the impact of a meteor. It lies in a deep circular crater surrounded by very steep hills.

Lake Bowumtwi is in Ghana's southern rain forest.

Country Ghana
Latitude 6° 30' 0" (6.5000)
Longitude -1° 25' 0" (-1.4167)


 Ancient Lakes of the World

Physical Characteristics

Description The main source of water entering Lake Bosumtwi is rainwater flowing inwards from the crater rim. There is also some water from streams. There is no river flowing out of the lake; it is a terminal or endorheic lake.

Bowumtwi's crater has a diameter of approximately 10.5 km.

Surface Area 49.00 km2
Depth Mean depth: 45.0 m
Maximum depth: 81.0 m
Age 1 million - 2 million years before present
Origin Meteor Impact
Type Soda
Catchment Catchment size: 400.00 km2
Catchment/surface area ratio: 8:1


Economic Value
Major Cities

Watershed Management


Biodiversity Conservation

Description There are 11 known species of fish in the lake, including one endemic cichlid (Tilapia discolor). Two of the cichlid species are mouth brooders, meaning a parent holds the live-born fish in their mouth to protect them until they reach a certain stage of development.
Species of Concern


Friends of Lake Bosomtwe



African Lakes and Rivers Research Group
Lacustrine Rift Basin Research Program
Limnology in Developing Countries Volume 1


11/16/2004 - Canadian mining company eyes lake Bosumtwi
9/20/2003 - Clues to past lie in lake stars
4/3/2003 - Drilling to cast light on climate change

Additional Data Sources

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