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Lake Profile


General Information

Description Lake Eyre is possibly the oldest of the ancient lakes in the world. It is estimated to be 20 - 50 million years old. Lake Eyre's lake bed is below sea level.
Country Australia
Latitude -28° 30' 0" (-28.5000)
Longitude -137° 15' 0" (-137.2500)


 Ancient Lakes of the World
 Lake Eyre Watershed

Physical Characteristics

Volume 30.00 km3
Surface Area 9,400.00 km2
Depth Mean depth: 3.0 m
Maximum depth: 6.0 m
Age Greater than 20 million years before present
Origin Tectonic
Type Saline


Economic Value
Major Cities

Watershed Management


Biodiversity Conservation

Designations LakeNet Biodiversity Priority
WWF Global 200
Species of Concern



Australia Government Wetlands Website
BBC Science & Nature, Wild Down Under: Lake Eyre
Biodiversity Conservation of the World's Lakes: A Preliminary Framework for Identifying Priorities
ILEC Database
Lake Eyre Basin Coordinating Group
Lake Eyre Basin Strategic Plan
The Lake Eyre Basin: River Basin Initiative


3/13/2007 - Giant Australian Salt Lake Springs to Life
2/24/2005 - Funding approved for Lake Eyre Basin management

Additional Data Sources

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