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Lake Profile

Hulun Hu (Hulun Nur)

General Information

Description Hulun Hu Lake is a steppe lake with a drainage area very sparse in population, industry or agriculture.
Country China
Latitude 49° 0' 0" (49.0000)
Longitude 117° 30' 0" (117.5000)

Physical Characteristics

Description Hulun Nur is a closed system, i.e. there is no outflow from the lake.
Surface Area 2,400.00 km2
Depth Mean depth: 5.7 m
Origin Tectonic
Type Brackish
Catchment Catchment size: 33,469.00 km2
Catchment/surface area ratio: 14:1


Economic Value As of 1995, Lake Hulun produced about 7,000 tons of fish annually, as well as 100 tons of shrimp and .4 kg of pearls. One and a half million crabs are also raised in the lake each year. the lake is also one of the key reed production areas in China.
Major Cities Manzhouli City

Watershed Management

Description Officials were working as of 1995 to improve grazing practices, plant trees to reduce the amount of dry grass entering the lake, and work to restore water quality in major tributaries. There were also plans to plant and harvest plans in the shallow wetlands around the lake to absorb nutrients.
Issues Pollutants in the lake come mainly from dustfall and inflow rivers. Hulun has lost some surface area and become more saline due to dams on its tributaries.
Other Issues Nutrient pollution

Biodiversity Conservation

Description There are over 180 species of phytoplankton in Lake Hulun, along with over 50 zooplankton species. Lake Hulun and its attached waterbodies have 30 species of fish. The Hulun watershed has a number of rare birds; 19 species are under state protection. There are large numbers of birds of prey (23 species) in the steppes around the lake. The Lake Hulun watershed is also very rich in wild plants; 428 medicinal herbs have been identified.
Species of Concern



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Crop Explorer - Lake Level Variations from TOPEX/POSEIDON and Jason-1 Altimetry for Lake Hulun Hu
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