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LAKENET LogoProtecting and restoring the health of lakes throughout the worldProtecting and restoring the health of lakes throughout the world
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This program is no longer active as of 2008.

Lakes provide critical habitat for an amazing array of plants and animals including bacteria, fungi, algae, plankton, mussels, snails, crustaceans, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Lake biodiversity globally is severely threatened. Currently 30% of freshwater fish and over 800 other freshwater species are on the brink of extinction (IUCN, 2002).

Most human communities that surround lakes depend heavily on lake biodiversity and natural lake processes for their water, food and way of life. Many of the world's poorest people depend on freshwater biodiversity for their protein needs. In Malawi, Lake Malawi provides 70% to 75% of the animal protein consumed by both urban and rural communities.

LakeNet has identified global lake biodiversity priorities and works with local partners to conserve important freshwater biodiversity found in lake basins throughout the world.



12/4/2003 - New IUCN Red List provides fresh data on endangered species
LakeNet is analyzing what the new IUCN Red List tells us about freshwater species at the global, national, and individual species level. The new Red List assesses the status of about 3,350 freshwater species, including birds. Experts believe there are from 9,000 to 25,000 freshwater species worldwide, although all of them have not been found or named yet.

Of the 3,350 freshwater species included in the new IUCN analysis, 1,076 are vulnerable, 506 are endangered, 394 are critically endangered, 16 are extinct in the wild, and 222 are completely extinct.



19th Global Biodiversity Forum Announcement  Announcement.


Program Activities

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Biodiversity Needs Assessment Survey
Lake Biodiversity Conservation Strategy
Technical Assistance



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