Latin America Lake Biodiversity Conservation Priorities Legend




Laguna de los Pozuelos 1 Argentina
Laguna Blanca 2 Argentina
Lagunas de Guanacache 3 Argentina
Colorada 4 Bolivia
Lagunas y Esteros del Ibera 5 Argentina
Humedal el Yali 6 Chile
Titicaca 7 Bolivia
Cuenca de Tajzara 8 Bolivia
Poopo and Uru Uru 9 Bolivia
Humedal Caribe Noreste 10 Costa Rica
Abras de Mantequilla 11 Ecuador
Parque Nacional del Tigre 12 Guatemala
Atitlan 13 Guatemala
Colcibolca 14 Nicaragua
Mamirau 15 Brazil
Catemaco 16 Mexico
Chapala 17 Mexico
Patzcuaro 18 Mexico
Texcoco 19 Mexico
Complejo de humedales del Albanico del rio Pas 20 Peru
Junin 21 Peru
Pantanal Reserva Particular 22 Brazil
Maracaibo 23 Venezuela
Laguna de la Concha 24 Colombia
Laguna de Llancanelo 25 Argentina
Banados del Rio Dulce y Laguna de Mar Chiquit 26 Argentina
Cuitzeo 27 Mexico
Rio Negro 28 Paraguay

    In 2001, as part of “Report Series 2: Biodiversity Conservation of the World’s Lakes: A Preliminary Framework for Identifying Priorities”,  LakeNet identified 250 lakes in 73 countries as initial priorities for biodiversity conservation based on available data on fish, mollusc, crab, shrimp, and bird biodiversity supported by each lake, and the rarity of certain representative types of lakes.  Identified lakes are both fresh and saline, permanent and seasonal, natural and man-made. 
    LakeNet’s Latin America and Mexico Lake Biodiversity Conservation Priorities are based on a 2003 revision (still in progress) of the initial list of 250 priority lakes based on feedback and newly available information from the Ramsar Bureau, LakeNet’s global network of individual and organizations in over 90 countries, and other reliable sources.  The 2003 revision seeks to begin to rectify the bias in the first study toward European lakes (where more key lakes have been added to Ramsar) and the relative dearth of highly biodiverse lakes in developing countries due to insufficient biodiversity data.