World Lake Vision: A Call to Action

Lakes are vital water resources – they hold 90 percent of the liquid freshwater on the surface of our planet.  Lakes are also engines for economic growth in millions of communities and play an important role in maintaining the ecological health of the planet.  

"Many of the world’s lakes are also in crisis, beset by a myriad of problems that affect the quantity and quality of water they contain, the organisms they support, and their ability to meet the needs of the surrounding human populations.  Some suffer from excessive water withdrawals and diversions, while others have witnessed deteriorating water quality because human activities on the surrounding land.  In recent decades, problems originating even beyond the immediate lake basin – notably acid rain, climate change and invasive species – have added to the burdens on already stressed lake ecosystems." --from the World Lake Vision Executive Summary

Many of the problems facing lakes today are shared, and therefore, lake stewards have much to learn from the experiences of one another.  LakeNet is committed to bringing these people and solutions together to protect and restore the health of lakes throughout the world.  We have established this special section of the LakeNet website to track the progress of World Lake Vision implementation activities.

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Drafts of the Vision:

Toward a World Lake Vision & Action Plan: Meeting Summary

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For more information on this project and the subjects introduced in this document, please contact the World Lake Vision Secretariat of the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), which assumes the role of the project focal point:

World Lake Vision Project Secretariat, ILEC
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